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Mortuary chambers
Autopsy tables and accessories

BA series

ALS offers a complete range of 'morgue' products.
Autopsy tables, which are of packaged construction, are mainly used for autopsies, generally located in special laboratories. This equipment is intended for clinical, pathological and forensic research laboratories.

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The new dissection tables are made entirely of 'AISI304' stainless steel with a satin finish on the outside. Fully sealed (continuous welding) and rounded inner and outer corners for easy cleaning and disinfection. The worktop slopes towards the outlet. The 495x395x195 H mm header tank is complete with overflow drain.

  • Support grid for worktop (2 pieces);
  • Hot and cold water tap with shower spout;
  • Worktop washing system with nozzles placed around the entire perimeter of the table with manual system control;
  • Fume extraction and table air exchange system with centrifugal motor;
  • The centrifugal motor is normally installed downstream of the suction line;
  • Single-phase electrical outlet + earth 10A;
  • Manual lighting of the worktop utilizing a fluorescent lamp with IP55 protection rating, switched on by pressing the switch;

For further information please click on 'contact us' and fill in the form

For information please click on 'contact us' and fill in the form

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