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Medical devices
Robotised blood bank refrigerator

Hemosafe® 2.0

Hemosafe® 2.0 belongs to the professional line of automatic refrigerators by Angelantoni Life Science. It is designed to meet the most stringent standards for blood storage and management.
The Hemosafe® 2.0 software controls and manages the blood bank safely and reliably by interfacing and connecting in real-time to the external management system (BBMS) of any blood bank. It is used in all situations where it is necessary to store concentrated red blood cells (haematiae) and plasma in compliance with Directive 93/42/EEC - Medical Devices.

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The Hemosafe® 2.0 is a revolutionary computerized and automated blood bank refrigerator: the reading of the bag codes during loading and unloading takes place inside the machine without operator intervention, thus avoiding possible human errors.

Only the requested bags will be able to enter/exit the device, thus eliminating the possibility of mistakenly loading or unloading one bag for another and ensuring the identification of the bags being handled.

The storage compartment is inaccessible to operators (except in the event of machine failure employing authorized hospital personnel).

Bags are loaded and unloaded via the mechanical drawer at the front of the machine, which is controlled by the device.

Hemosafe® 2.0 consists of a refrigerated area at +4°C housing a robotic warehouse consisting of 2 racks with a total capacity of 90 x 450 ml bags.

Hemosafe® 2.0, located in surgery rooms, emergency rooms, or any other place considered to be strategic for the distribution of blood, makes it possible to collect the bags at any time, always under the control of the S.I.M.T.

Hemosafe® 2.0 contains ten (10) red plastic containers to hold 0 Rh- blood bags only. In an extreme emergency, the door can be opened and the 0 Rh-bags can be easily identified by their red container.

Access to the device is allowed by using Username/Password. All operations carried out by the user are recorded in a LOG file, which allows the exact sequence of activities to be determined at any time.

The device has an external barcode reader that allows easy user authentication without the use of additional devices.

Hemosafe® 2.0 has an integrated printer that allows the printing of assignment labels at the end of the picking (unloading) phase, avoiding the use of other peripheral devices.

The user interacts with Hemosafe® 2.0 via a 10" color LCD touch-screen panel. The simple and functional interface only shows the user the commands that are allowed, effectively preventing the user from making those decisions that have already been set remotely by the BBMS.

  • Basic bag configuration (90 black boxes)
  • 0Neg bag container configuration (80 black boxes+10 red boxes)
    * Mandatory CONFIGURATION OPTIONS (one excludes the other)

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  • Weekly chart temperature recorder
  • Chart recorder kit (100 diagrams and 2 pens)

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The software supplied with Hemosafe® 2.0 integrates the functions related to the storage automation control with those related to the management and identification of the stored bags.

The software allows quick storage of bag identification data and simple loading/unloading of bags.

All this ensures that we meet the highest international standards (AABB, ISBT):

✓ TRACEABILITY of operations carried out onboard the machine by authenticated users

✓ SAFE and FAST blood bag management

✓ OPTIMIZATION of blood stocks (first-in / first-out method)


✓ REMOTE MANAGEMENT and INTEGRATION of the device with the reference BBMS


Available versions

Hemosafe® 2.0

90 bags 450 ml

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