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Laminar flow hoods
Modular laminar flow systems


The need to work under conditions that offer product and environmental safety is at the heart of the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products. The large-scale production of pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries requires modular spaces according to available dimensions and articulation of different production lines. For this reason, ALS, in addition to the standard line of laminar flow hoods, can offer customized solutions thanks to a consolidated experience that combines conception, design and particular attention to the requirements of all our customers.

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The MVF series represents modular vertical laminar flow systems that allow the articulated connection of modular units. The units autonomously generate a laminar airflow in class ISO5.

They can be assembled to create environments of different sizes, from small controlled areas to entire rooms, with air cleaning equal to a white chamber.

These modules can be housed on the floor, mounted on stainless steel stands (also with wheels), or suspended and hooked to the ceiling utilizing eyebolts above each module. They also provide for the installation of polycarbonate or PVC quick-release strip curtains (optional) arranged around the perimeter of the modules, which can contain and separate the clean area from the external environment.

The fully modular units can be freely combined and assembled and used to create RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) areas on top of drug manufacturing equipment to protect the sterility of products during filling operations. The STERIL MVF modules can also be used in several ways in the food or cosmetics industries, mainly by positioning the laminar flow above the product filling and packaging lines, creating a sterile area with high overpressure during operations, and thus preventing external contaminants from reaching the filling and/or packaging process, ensuring the cleanliness and sterility of these processes.

Made of AISI 304L stainless steel with a 'Scotch-Brite' finish, the diffusion and absolute filter protection grid is made of anodized aluminum. The fan unit has double intake, HEPA filters, pre-filters with 85% reitenage and G-3 efficiency. The air plenum allows dynamic sealing with high aeraulic efficiency and high acoustic containment.

  • AISI 304L stainless steel body
  • HEPA filters
  • Pre-filters
  • D.O.P. socket

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  • Command and control system for up to 20 coupled modules with stainless steel control cabinet
  • Electronic board with self-regulator
  • A floor-standing system with fixed supports or wheels
  • Confinement curtains
  • Lighting system with teardrop lamps
  • Stop/start system utilizing a control panel mounted on a mast

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Available versions


22, 24, 33, 34 (also available with EBM D3 G motors)