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Laminar flow hoods
Vertical laminar flow hoods


POLARIS extractor hoods are used in microbiology, virology and hematology laboratories. They are increasingly used in research and in particular for the sterile handling of:
•Non-pathogenic cell cultures
•Quality control in the pharmaceutical and food industry
•Micromechanical assemblies

  • polaris-safety-hoods-als

Positive pressure vertical laminar flow hood for protection of the product.

  • Tempered glass side walls with holes for optional taps
  • Blind AISI-AISI304 stainless steel working area IN ONE PIECE
  • Tilting front screen
  • One electrical outlet for 36 and 48 models, two for 60 and 72 models
  • DEHS port 100%
  • UV lamp
  • Additional power sockets
  • Additional taps
  • Digital display


Available versions


36, 48, 60, 72