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Prefabricated chambers
Cold chamber (negative temperature)

Temperature-controlled cold chamber PE…TN/BT/LT

The need to offer tailor-made solutions for every type of requirement and application has led the ALS team to gain consolidated experience in the design and implementation of customized projects that pay maximum attention to customers' requirements. The construction of prefabricated complexes finds application in the industrial world when there is a need to store, maintain and house, in total safety, large-scale products from the pharmaceutical, materials, food, plant, and animal industries.

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Angelantoni Life Science manufactures a wide range of cold storage rooms used to preserve vaccines, drugs, and other products for the pharmaceutical healthcare industry. The main features of the products in this range are their high reliability and the option of offering customized solutions.

Our cold storage rooms are manufactured in compliance with the standards in force.

  • PE -BT model with a working temperature of -10 to -20°C
  • PE-TN model with working temperature from +2 to +8°C
  • PE-LT model with a working temperature of -40 to -80°C

The range of prefabricated chambers of the PE series is generally manufactured in this way:

Insulated floors are covered by pre-painted sheet metal or diamond embossed aluminum or anti-slip stainless steel. Our floors are also able to withstand heavy loads, such as those caused by forklift trucks. A drainage device is provided on the floor to make cleaning and evacuation of any spilled fluids easier. The inside corners are rounded for easy cleaning. The walls are made of modular panels with the following technical features:

  • Core in expanded polyurethane, polystyrene, or Rockwool.
  • Pre-painted steel or stainless steel cladding (AISI 304 o 316).
  • Maximum fireproof rating: A2s1d0.

The service door is fitted with high-quality rubber or silicone gaskets and equipped with a microswitch to automatically switch off the fan when the door is opened. Externally the door is equipped with a handle, a key locking system that can be opened from the inside, and an internal emergency button. Manually or automatically opened sliding doors can be supplied on demand, complete with airwave safety devices. The door frame is heated by a specific built-in electric heating element. On-demand, protective curtains in PVC can be installed on the doors to limit heat loss when opened. The doors can be mechanically locked upon request with a key and can be opened using a personal ID card with RFID technology (BIOGUARD™). The last generation controller ACP7, developed by Angelantoni after years of experience and leveraging the latest technologies, guarantees high-performance, maximum safety and easy use. The control electronics have 3 separate processors: one for the control system, one for the alarm section and one for communicating the detected data. Access to the parameters is password-protected with 3 privilege levels: users, service, administrator. The 7-inch display displays all key data on a single screen, allowing you to assess the operating status in real-time. The ACP7 controller has innovative functions to optimize consumption and continuously monitor parameters. The REAL-TIME function is used to display the daily temperature. This feature includes the events list and the record of the temperatures and operational variables sampled every 30 sec. for 10 years. All values are stored and event log files can be downloaded to a local PC via the controller's built-in USB port, or via WiFi/Ethernet/3G network technologies, with the possibility of also transferring and storing on CLOUD servers. The ECO MODE function enables the machine to an energy-saving operating mode. The PERSONAL PASSWORD allows you to regulate access to the controller and enable the editing functions of the user parameters.

The ACP7 card can be connected to the CloudALS service or the local storage server (proprietary server).

If you want to manage the information on a local server, ALS can provide the card MODBUS protocol and by purchasing the Ethernet module you can download the data stored on the card (and the Bioguard® data) to a local server provided by the customer.

If the customer so wishes, he can manage the same data through our Cryolog software.

If, on the other hand, you wish to connect the equipment to the ALS server, you must first choose one of the modes offered:

  • Connection via Ethernet module;
  • Connection via WiFi module;
  • Connection via GSM/3G module (data connection card to be provided by customer)

With the payment of an annual license for the connection to the ALS cloud service, it will then be possible to manage all the data stored in ACP7 via a web application made available to the user.

In this case, the data will be stored on ALS servers and the user, through the use of any device (smartphone, tablet, or PC), will be able to view and manage them in the most appropriate manner.

With these functions (both local and remote), users can consult in real-time, for example, the trend of the working temperature, the supply voltage and in general all the parameters monitored by the controller.

With a cloud connection, in the event of an equipment malfunction, maintenance staff can remotely access the machine operating information and quickly diagnose the problem, thereby helping to resolve it. The variety of choices between 3G coverage or the use of an Ethernet or Wi-Fi communication module facilitates any type of connection present in the environment of use and allows the remote control of the functions of a single or several Angelantoni devices on which ACP7 controllers have been installed.