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Hazardous waste treatment
Biohazardous waste treatment

WaSter® Series

WaSter® by Angelantoni Life Science is a new generation of compact equipment designed to eliminate the risk of biological transmission through the combined treatment of shredding and sterilization with saturated steam. The waste shredding and sterilization process ensure a final SAL (Sterility Assurance Level) of 10-6, as required by the standards for biological safety classes for the treatment of waste presenting a high individual risk that can also be transmitted via aerosols ('biohazard').

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WaSter® consists of a vertical storage chamber, with a loading door, and a pass-through sterilization chamber, with double doors, for collecting the treated waste. WaSter® can operate autonomously with a production capacity of 50 kg/h.

The receiving trolley is introduced from the dirty side of the sterilization chamber and the waste is loaded into the vertical chamber. The three doors are closed and automatic treatment begins via touch screen or remote control (optional). The first stage is waste shredding, the second stage is sterilization in which the shredded waste comes into contact with saturated steam. The last step is the drying of the shredded material.

WaSter® is configured to perform the following treatments and cycles:

  1. 134°C treatment for 'biohazard' solid waste
  2. 134°C treatment of 'biohazard' liquid waste in open containers
  3. steam penetration test cycle (Bowie&Dick Test)
  4. automatic electronic steam penetration test cycle according to EN 285 (Optional - Electronic/automatic Bowie&Dick)
  5. vacuum test cycle
  6. open cycles: possibility of programming 100 new treatments
  • AISI 316Ti stainless steel chambers 8 mm thick
  • Dual data acquisition systems (2 temperature probes and 2 pressure transducers)
  • Siemens programmable electronic controller
  • Siemens high-resolution color touch screen monitor (9")
  • Recording device with the alphanumeric printer installed on the front panel
  • Burner on the chamber air outlet

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  • Second Siemens color touch screen monitor with high resolution on the clean side
  • Bioseal separating dirty side from the sterile side in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Exhaust cooling device
  • Remote connection-ready
  • Condensate vaporisation device
  • Electronic/automatic B&D test
  • Metal detector

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Available versions


waster 50

waster 50 pass-through

double waster 50

double waster 50 pass-through