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3rd Annual Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Virtual Conference (EST TIME ZONE) 28th - 29th October 2021

Over the last decade, the field of cell therapy has rapidly grown, and it holds enormous promise for treating many diseases. There are still factors like manufacturing maze, investment, logistics and regulatory challenges which prevents the cell and gene therapies to be widely used. The 3rd Annual MarketsandMarkets Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing Virtual Conference is a unique platform to provide the exact solutions to these robust manufacturing and bioprocessing challenges.

Angelantoni Life Science is attending this important event to illustrate Innovative product that integrate automation, software, precision mechanics and cooling systems at cryogenic temperatures (up to -180°C).


The fully automated biorepository system that allows to preserve the value of the vials and samples, using the most advanced robotic system for storage and retrieval of biological materials at -180°C, using Liquid Nitrogen Vapour (“Cherry Picking” system).