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ALS products, thanks to their versatility and high technological content, find application in the Health Care, Research and Pharmaceutical Industry markets ensuring a high degree of satisfaction.


Our sales program includes a wide range of products that meet the most diverse needs in the industry. We offer a complete line of 93/42/EEC certified Medical Devices for the processing and storage of human Blood and Plasma, a complete line of cabinets to manage the storage of samples from +4°C to -150°C.

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Our sales program includes a wide range of products to meet the diverse needs of private and academic research. We propose a complete line of cabinets and containers for the storage of products in a temperature range from +4 to -86°C, a fully automated system for the safe cryo-preservation of biological samples down to -180°C in LN2 for cells in vials (5 - 4.5 ml) and a complete line of certified laminar flow hoods for the various containment levels.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

We propose highly innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, as an aid to the production process for the rapid freezing and defrosting of bulk goods, for long-term storage utilizing prefabricated solutions for product storage from +4°C to -80°C, even in large sizes, freezer-farms and prefabricated reach-in refrigeration cabinets. The industrial range is completed by solutions for containment towards the working environment and towards the product, all provided with documentation for the execution of equipment qualification protocols.

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