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Bulkfrost Series

The main feature, i.e. the main functionality of this range of models, is to allow the customer a customized set of the temperature curve, i.e. the possibility of modulating the rate of temperature descent and ascent concerning the starting value, to offer biological material freezing optimization.
Since the world of research and industry is highly heterogeneous, the temperature curve for each type of sample will be equally heterogeneous.

  • bulkfrost-series-angelantoni-life-science
  • bulkfrost-series-angelantoni-life-science
  • bulkfrost-series-angelantoni-life-science

The Bulkfrost series consists of a body made of powder-coated steel, grey RAL 7044, which provides excellent protection against corrosion. The electromagnetic lock provides maximum security for the operator and allows management and access control.

Environmentally friendly refrigerant gases in line with European Regulation 517/2014 are used in the cooling circuit.

The front of the machine houses a 10" touchscreen panel with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It offers a wide range of optional and customized functions to meet most biological material abatement requirements.

The ergonomic design ensures easy access to the chamber wherever it is located, including for maintenance.

It ensures precise control of the climate parameters inside the chamber with minimum thermal inertia; an axial fan allows rapid temperature variations of both the air and the material to be frozen or defrosted.

  • Single-leaf door
  • Touch screen panel on the front side
  • Electromagnetic lock
  • Inside in AISI 304
  • Ethernet port and USB port

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  • Uninterruptible power supply for PLC
  • Through-hole 80 mm
  • Water condensation
  • Additional audible optical alarm
  • Cascade temperature control

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Available versions

Bulkfrost 340

337 lt

Bulkfrost 600

553 lt

Bulkfrost 1200

1076 lt

Bulkfrost 1600

1439 lt