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Safety cabin for handling cytostatics

Cytobox Light

CYTOBOX LIGHT cytotoxic isolators are negative pressure glove boxes with pass boxes integrated into the work surface. They are used to separate a pharmaceutical process or activity from both the operator and the surrounding environment in the case of reconstituting freeze-dried drugs and handling toxic materials. Designed for the safe preparation and handling of hazardous substances such as cytotoxic drugs and safe handling of antineoplastic chemotherapy drugs and CMR substances.

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CYTOBOX LIGHT is an isolator system designed primarily for the reconstitution of antineoplastic drugs. It operates under negative pressure offering triple protection to the operator, environment and product. Gloves installed on the front screen provide physical separation of the products being handled, ensuring greater safety for operators. CYTOBOX LIGHT can also be used for the handling of pathogens belonging to any group according to EN 12469: 2000 and whenever the process involves the handling of cytotoxic or hazardous chemicals. The unit is equipped with triple-level HEPA filtration

CYTOBOX LIGHT can be used in various ways in hospital oncology centers for the preparation of drugs and whenever a high and proven degree of protection for operators is required. In particular, the isolator is suitable for the following applications:

  • preparation of antineoplastic chemotherapy drugs,
  • handling of cytotoxic and cytostatic drugs,
  • handling of aetiological agents of proven and active pathogenicity in humans and animals,
  • handling of highly concentrated pathogenic compounds and mutagenic agents,
  • oncogenic viruses,
  • microbiology, virology and cell culture
  • applications of recombinant DNA.
  • The front screen of the chamber is made of 8 mm thick anti-reflective safety glass
  • Front and interior screens of the transfer hatch made of PMMA
  • CPC connections for DEHS testing of HEPA filters
  • AISI 304 stainless steel sliding tray
  • AISI 316L stainless steel work surface
  • One electrical outlet for CYTOBOX LIGHT 48, two for 60 and 72
  • Additional power sockets
  • Data ports
  • Touch screen panel


Available versions


48, 60, 72