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Mortuary chambers
Autopsy tables and accessories

EG series

ALS offers a complete range of 'morgue' products.
Autopsy tables, which are of packaged construction, are mainly used for autopsies, generally located in special laboratories. This equipment is intended for clinical, pathological and forensic research laboratories.

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The autopsy tables are made entirely of 'AISI 304' stainless steel with a satin finish on the outside. Fully sealed and rounded inner and outer corners for easy cleaning and disinfection. The header tank complete with drain. The column base can be fixed to the floor with four automatic pins. The worktop has a grated drainage outlet.

The range has three models described below:


Variable height worktop with a maximum stroke of 180 mm. The table can rotate 90° to the right and 90° to the left from the central position, for a total of 180°. The movement of the worktop, both for lifting and rotation, is obtained utilizing a hydraulic control unit, incorporated in the central column, with a low noise level (50 dB(A)) and direct current electric motor with 24 Volt power supply. The electrical control of the movement is utilizing a manipulator with four directions (high-low-left-right) and is placed on the front in an easy-to-operate position.


Variable height worktop with a maximum stroke of 180 mm. The worktop movement, only for lifting or lowering, is obtained utilizing a hydraulic control unit with the same characteristics as the previous model. The manipulator has two directions (high-low).

EG 103 - FIXED

Worktop height fixed at 850 mm.

  • Support grid for worktop (4 pieces)
  • Hot and cold water mixer with spout and mobile shower for worktop
  • Removable dispenser fixed near the header tank
  • Worktop washing system with nozzles on the entire perimeter with manual system control
  • Liquid suction system located near the tank
  • The fume extraction and air exchange system of the table with suction nozzles under the support grids are realized with a centrifugal motor
  • Single-phase grounded electrical outlet

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  • Organ table, stainless steel, sliding on the worktop along its entire length utilizing four (4)
  • Teflon molded supports.
  • Teflon cutting table
  • Grated stainless steel instrument shelf
  • Waste shredder to be installed under the central drain
  • A surgical instrument for autopsies

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