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Stability test chambers and incubators
Climate chamber -10/+60

EKOCH (700-900-1500 L)

The climate chamber line by Angelantoni Life Science represents a range of thermostatic and climate cabinets, dedicated to pharmaceutical industries or laboratories carrying out tests on pharmaceutical products, research facilities and laboratories for cell cultures, plant growth, insects, analysis of solutes and solvents, etc.
These machines are designed to perform temperature and humidity tests on electronic components and equipment. They are also suitable for temperature and humidity tests on industrial or pharmaceutical products.

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  • climate-chambers-als-ekoch-700-900-1500

The EKOCH series chambers are designed to control the temperature in the range from -10°C to +60°C and relative humidity between 20 and 90% RH (in the temperature range +10°C/+50°C). The range has three volumes: 700, 900 and 1500 liters. The EKOCH 900P and EKOCH 1500P are supplied as standard with a programmable microprocessor to generate T and RH ramps while all other models are equipped with standard controllers.

The line of climate chambers has a supporting structure in pre-painted grey sheet metal, a self-closing service door in pre-painted grey sheet metal, complete with magnetic closure and special rubber gaskets, equipped with a tempered glass counter door, complete with closure.

The internal chamber is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded internal corners for easy cleaning and a shelled bottom to contain accidentally dropped liquids.

The cooling system is entrusted to a particularly silent hermetic compressor, located in the upper part of the chamber, there is also an air condenser, finned copper tube coil, complete with a helicoidal electric fan with horizontal airflow.

Internal ventilation is provided by special high-temperature resistant motors with an IP44 degree of protection. The system is equipped with door switches to switch on the inside light when the door is opened.

The humidification system is provided by a steam generator consisting of a thermoregulated boiler fed with softened water.

Versions are available with digital readout P.I.D. controllers, dedicated to the regulation and control of temperature and humidity, or versions with an electronic PLC programr that allows the execution of humidity and temperature cycles.

  • External solid door
  • Inside in AISI 304
  • Glass counter door
  • Internal shelves
  • Double-fan evaporators

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  • Temperature chart recorder
  • Stainless steel grated shelf
  • Additional safety thermostat. T min/max
  • Winkratos, external monitoring software (for P versions)

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Winkratos™ is the proprietary software for monitoring and supervising thermostatic and climate chamber families. The extremely flexible and powerful structure of this package also allows it to be easily adapted to 'special' chambers, thus giving the operator the same operating interface, the same operating modes and therefore the same working philosophy, regardless of the type of machine being operated. The actual control system of the chambers consists of a PLC inside the machine. The Winkratos™ software is the natural complement to these controllers as it provides all the monitoring, graphical interface and data analysis functions that make both the progress and results of the tests usable and verifiable. On request, Winkratos™ allows the complete supervision of several chambers (up to a maximum of 16), even different ones. This can be done via Ethernet connection or in the classic RS232 or RS422 serial configurations. It is therefore a natural complement to the system controller, providing the operator with an advanced graphic interface, in a Windows environment, with which to carry out all the operations required to manage a test (in all its phases) with the camera supplied.


Available versions


700, 1500, 900P,1500P