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Refrigerators and freezers
Ultra Freezers Green -80°C

NEXUS Green V (340–530-810 L)

NEXUS green by Angelantoni Life Science is the line of laboratory ultra freezers with natural gas and inverter compressors.

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The series includes 340, 530- and 810-liter upright freezers models running with natural refrigerant gas (HC) and equipped with inverter compressors.

All the machines are equipped with a blind door with mechanical locking and key and, optionally, equipped with opening through a personal ID card with RFID technology (BIOGUARD®). Inside, the freezers offer, in different configurations, counter doors that limit heat exchange to a minimum when opening the main door

The working temperature is -80 ° C.

The structure of the NEXUS Green V line is equipped with CFC-free, injected high-density polyurethane foam insulation, 140 mm thick with the exception of the NexusSlim Green 810 model whose insulation is made from a combination of vacuum panels (VIP) and PU foams whose overall thickness is 70 mm.

The electronic board is of the latest generation, with a 7-inch full color touch screen display, complete with a system for registering parameters.

All recorded data can be transferred to a computer via USB drive, or with WiFi / Ethernet / 3G network technologies available through the use of appropriate accessory modules.

It is also possible to transfer and store the same data on a dedicated ALS server through the CLOUD service made available.

  • Blind door
  • Inside in stainless steel
  • Mechanical lock with key
  • Latest generation electronics
  • USB port for data downloading
  • Bioguard® access control system
  • Weekly chart recorder
  • GSM module for alarm signaling
  • WiFi, ETH and UMTS-3G modules for connection to the ALS Cloud
  • Cryolog software for local monitoring

The latest generation controller guarantees high performance and reliability thanks to:

  • Simple and functional interface
  • Password-protected access with 3 levels of privileges: USER, SERVICE and ADMINISTRATOR
  • Three separate processors communicating with each other with CAN-BUS connection system
    ① Adjustment
    ② Alarm
    ③ System supervision/recording

The Alarm system ② has a dedicated PT100 probe, redundant with the one used for the Adjustment ①. Power is distributed to the two sections of ①Adjustment and ②Alarm which are physically separate (although mounted on the same support) and both have a dedicated power supply.

In case of the main power supply default, the alarm section ② continues to be powered by the back-up battery (with 36 hours autonomy) and provides power to the user panel ③ while maintaining the ability to display current data and store historical data.

The supervision unit ③ (user panel) constantly monitors and provides information on the correct operation of the alarm section ② and the control section ① and promptly notifies the user of any data storage anomalies.


Available versions


340 V-3


340 V-4


530 V-3


530 V-4


810 V-4


810 V-5