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Refrigerators and freezers
Ultra Freezers -86°C

NEXUS H (110-370-550 L)

The NEXUS H series by Angelantoni Life Science represents the high-quality range of laboratory freezers and ultra freezers that provide an ideal environment for storing biological samples and reagents.

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The complete series includes 110, 370 and 550 liter horizontal freezer models with blind door execution with mechanical key locking and optionally equipped with opening through a personal ID card with RFID technology (BIOGUARD®) except for the 110 liter model. Inside, the freezers offer, in different configurations, counter doors that limit heat exchange to a minimum when the main door is opened.

The working temperature is -80°C.

The structure of the NEXUS H line is fitted with 140 mm thick, high-density injected CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation.

The electronic board is of the latest generation, with a 7-inch full-color touch screen display, complete with a system for recording parameters.

All recorded data can be transferred to a computer via USB drive, or via WiFi/Ethernet/3G network technologies available through the use of special accessory modules.

It is also possible to transfer and store the same data on an ALS dedicated server via the CLOUD service provided.

  • Blind door
  • Inside in stainless steel
  • Mechanical lock with key
  • Latest generation electronics
  • USB port for data downloading

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  • Bioguard® access control system (not available for 110 liter model)
  • Weekly chart recorder (not available for 110 liter model)
  • GSM module for alarm signaling
  • WiFi, ETH and UMTS-3G modules for connection to the ALS Cloud
  • Cryolog software for local monitoring

For further information please click on 'contact us' and fill in the form

The latest generation controller guarantees high performance and reliability thanks to:

  • Simple and functional interface
  • Password-protected access with 3 levels of privileges: USER, SERVICE and ADMINISTRATOR
  • Three separate processors communicating with each other with CAN-BUS connection system
    ① Adjustment
    ② Alarm
    ③ System supervision/recording

The Alarm system ② has a dedicated PT100 probe, redundant with the one used for the Adjustment ①. Power is distributed to the two sections of ①Adjustment and ②Alarm which are physically separate (although mounted on the same support) and both have a dedicated power supply.

In case of the main power supply default, the alarm section ② continues to be powered by the back-up battery (with 36 hours autonomy) and provides power to the user panel ③ while maintaining the ability to display current data and store historical data.

The supervision unit ③ (user panel) constantly monitors and provides information on the correct operation of the alarm section ② and the control section ① and promptly notifies the user of any data storage anomalies.


Available versions


110 H


370 H


550 H