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Laminar flow hoods
Microbiological safety hoods, Class II

Sterilsafe TE

The series of Class II microbiological safety extractor hoods are designed and manufactured according to the performance requirements of EN12469: 2000 and are used in all situations where it is necessary to protect the operator and the environment from the harmful effects of uncontrolled spreading of airborne contaminants and, equally, to ensure that no environmental interference of a microbiological nature can affect the product during its handling.

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These hood families have normally been used in Microbiology, Virology, Haematology and Cell Culture laboratories. They are increasingly being used in innovative fields of research and in particular for the manipulation of:

  • recombinant DNA
  • Oncogenic viruses
  • Pathogens

These hood lines are defined:

  • Class II
  • Type B2 as they discharge all the air involved. They are designed to provide protection for the operator, the product and the environment and to expel 100% of the air outside the building.
  • Model with base
  • Glass with a motorized up-and-down mechanism
  • One power socket for models 36 and 48, 2 for models 60 and 72
  • Vacuum circuit with tap
  • Gas circuit with tap and solenoid valve
  • DES port 100%
  • UV lamp
  • Armrests (pair)
  • Drawer chest on wheels, three drawers
  • Additional power socket
  • Dry contact NO/NC


Available versions


36, 48, 60, 72