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ISBER 2023 Regional Symposium

OCTOBER 24-25, 2023 - GRANADA, Spain

We are back at ISBER !
See you at our booth no. 11!

The ISBER 2023 Regional Symposium will be held in Granada, Spain in partnership with Biobanco del Sistema Sanitario Público de Andalucía.

ISBER is the only global forum that addresses scientific, technical, legal, and ethical issues for biobanks and biorepositories.

The symposium will be entirely dedicated to biospecimen science, extending not only to human, but also to microbial and environmental specimens. Biospecimen science, applied to method validation, quality control, stability studies, or cryobiology, is the scientific pillar of evidence based biobanking, and one of the most critical conditions of reproducible research. 

Join us in beautiful Granada for a biospecimen science celebration across all different specimen categories and analytical applications.

Meeting theme: “Biospecimen Science, Research, and Innovation”

ALS will present the most comprehensive equipment and solutions for Biobanking,in particular:

OneCryo, our new modular platform to serve the biotech

industry, CROs and the biobanks.

OneCryo reflects our expertise in designing a complete package:

Including cryo-storage (CRYOPACKAGE), cold storage

equipment for pre-cooling (NEXUS series), plus rapid-cooling

equipment in case the sample needs a fast temperature drop

(Bulkfrost series).

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