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Rapid freezer for plasma bags


The Plasmafrost line is a range of rapid freezers specifically developed to freeze bags of fresh plasma at a temperature below -30°C in less than 60 minutes, in compliance with international standards for safeguarding the active ingredients contained in plasma. Equipped with a dedicated SW (I.T.e.M.) to validate the success of the plasma freezing process.

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The machine integrated control and monitoring system (I.Te.M.) allows to detect, record, and validate the temperature of the plasma bag (not dummy bag) allocated in a specially designed position inside the machine (I.Te.M. position).

Thanks to the temperature monitoring system, the freezing cycle time is reduced to the bare minimum, allowing more freezing cycles to be carried out during the working day (e.g. 450 ml bags filled to 250 ml freeze in 35 minutes). The cooling system is designed with a powerful system of two hermetic compressors working 'in cascade' combined with an air condenser that allows operation at -75°C.

The ergonomic design allows plasma bags to be frozen in a horizontal position, which facilitates their subsequent storage and, above all, minimizes the phenomenon of factor VIII precipitation.

The Plasmafrost Item 3 model is equipped with three shelves for storage. Only authorized users can access and use the machine by identifying themselves with a user name and password.

Bag information is captured and stored via an integrated barcode reader.

Data on freezing time and temperature are recorded by the software onboard the machine.

All data concerning the freezing cycle, the batch of bags loaded, the user, and the duration are organized in a report available for archiving or printing.

The machine can be interfaced with the management system in use at the facility (BBMS) and share data on the various freezing batches.

During the freezing cycle, it is not possible to open the door, preventing the freezing process from being interrupted and the addition of untracked bags to those that have already started the freezing process.

A 12" color touch screen, combined with simple and intuitive controls, ensures maximum operator convenience and offers quick and easy use of the freezer.

  • On-board PC
  • Barcode reader

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  • Microprocessor chart recorder
  • Through-hole 23 mm

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The I.te.M.® (Indirect Temperature Measurement) software supplied with the freezer is based on an exclusive Angelantoni proprietary system that allows:

A. The management/registration of frozen plasma bags

B. The elimination of the need to use dummy bags to validate the success of the rapid freezing cycle.


Available versions

Plasmafrost ITEM 3

24 bags 450 ml

Plasmafrost ITEM 4

40 bags 450 ml

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