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Robotised Ultra Freezer -180°C


Angelantoni Life Science's Smartfreezer® EVO is the only fully automated solution on the market to eliminate the risks and complications associated with storing and retrieving samples in liquid nitrogen tanks, minimising the risks to operators. Manual handling is prone to both errors during sample loading/unloading and exposure to temperatures detrimental to sample viability. This version is certified according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, demonstrating the company's great commitment to high-quality and reliable products that guarantee maximum safety in the storage of biological samples.

Smartfreezer® EVO meets the following requirements:







This certified version differs from the laboratory one in the internal organisation of the storage compartment, i.e. it has a buffer disk designed to accommodate possible clinical samples taken/loaded more frequently or of greater need.

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Smartfreezer® EVO is a robotic solution to automate the storage and retrieval of vials, containing biological material, stored at cryogenic temperature (-180°C). Loading and unloading is done by individual vial, avoiding exposure to unnecessary thermal stress to the tubes stored within the device. The operator does not need to come into contact with any cold surface or liquid nitrogen while using the machine, in fact the only activity the user has to do is to select the required sample via the software interface. The robot manages the movement of the vials from ambient to cryogenic temperature inside the device. The structure of the body is made of sheet steel, possibly powder coated, while the structure of the storage compartment is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with rounded corners, to facilitate sanitisation and avoid possible bacterial nesting. Samples are stored in LN2 steam, which provides the safest conditions and prevents the risk of cross-contamination between samples. The guaranteed temperature range is -180°C to -150°C. The equipment is also fitted with an internal and external barcode reader to identify the samples and a touch screen PC for easy and intuitive operation by the user.

Access to the system is linked to the use of username/password or other similar method and all operations carried out by the user are recorded in a LOG file which will allow the exact sequence of activities to be established at any time.

The level and number of user levels are free and configurable by the administrator, who can grant or deny permissions for the execution of each individual procedure to the different application users.

  • On-board PC
  • Barcode reader
  • LED lighting
  • Supply hose for LN2 refuelling

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  • PT100 probe
  • Thermal rack
  • Emergency recovery tools

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Smartfreezer Suite software is web-based and will allow the user to send commands to the automation and interact with the laboratory information system, managing full traceability of users and activities. The device can always connect to the LIMS to exchange information about loading and unloading activities so that only the external LIMS software manages user registration and sample treatments. The user can view the occupation status of the storage compartment and monitor the temperature trend thanks to the presence of probes. The software ensures storage/pick-up operations with optimal management of storage space. The user can upload/download samples based on a sample list or by selecting samples from the list of available samples, obviously, the software only handles samples registered in the management system. Each vial must be identified with a unique code (barcode, dot code) so that the data processed by the software onboard the machine must be the unique code of the sample and its position within the storage compartment.


Available versions

Smartfreezer® EVO V 180.10

19170 + 201 (BD)

Smartfreezer® EVO V 180.20

11430 + 201 (BD)

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