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Pharmaceutical Industry

We use refrigeration technology in industrial production processes and, in particular, in those of the pharmaceutical industry with highly technological and innovative solutions: in particular, from cryogenic cold treatments to the circulation of low-temperature cryo-convector fluids for increasing and improving production, to rapid freezing techniques in the production of pharmaceutical bulks and long-term preservation or storage of finished products.

For every need, we offer suitable solutions using standard or customized equipment, in a wide temperature range from 5°C in biological applications to -150°C for cell lines or rapid freezing, through various levels at -20°C, -40°C and -70°C.

We can design custom-made solutions that meet a wide range of customers' needs.

All used refrigerants are environmentally friendly, with GWP below the levels prescribed by the European F-Gas regulation, including the use of hydrocarbons such as R290, a viable green alternative to many of the more common high GWP refrigerants.

With the Steril line, we offer a wide range of solutions to protect the processed product or the environment from contaminating and dangerous sources, such as cytotoxics.


Discover in detail the range of ALS products that find application in the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.